To organize a meeting of a working group, the executive committee or even a general assembly is a key competence of BEAG Ltd. BEAG Ltd is a reliable partner regardless of whether the event is to be designed for only 2 or 200 participants. Our own premises offer comfortable space for meetings up to 15 persons for board meetings as well as working groups.

BEAG Ltd takes care of the contact and communication with localities, sponsors and speakers, the invitations for participants, the agenda of the meeting. Corresponding dossiers are prepared or whole meetings are held or moderated. The follow-up of meetings and post-event documentation can be worked out as well. Furthermore, BEAG Ltd is also on hand to assist with the organization and the strategic planning and execution of congresses. By acting as a link between the board of directors and the congress organizers BEAG Ltd. has proven its value to our customers many times in past years.